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Titan Missile Museum

Once a base for Titan II missiles, operational from 1963 to 1982. All have been deactivated. Visitors tour the control room and the missile silo. You may feel as if you are trepassing onto a top-secret military operation. Official Air Force vehicles and helicopter stand as if ready for action. Tour guides begin with an introductory video, then take you tour the entire facility.

Speaking of trespassing, scenes from the Star Trek movie Generations were filmed there. Security during filming was so tight that all attempts to get in whether by sneaking in or by bribes were unsuccessful. Those associated with the movie wore photo id's and armed guards roamed the perimeter.

When the SALT Treaty called for the de-activation of the 18 Titan missile silos that ring Tucson, volunteers at the Pima Air Museum asked if one could be retained for public tours. After much negotiation, including additional talks with SALT officials, the Green Valley complex of the 390th Strategic Missile Wing was opened to the public.

After watching a video about the history of the Titan and its deadly nuclear delivery capability, you're taken deep in to the "hardened" command center. Here, essential equipment are mounted on springs to withstand anything but a direct hit. Then you pass through a couple of 6,000 pound blast doors and walk along a space-age corridor to the silo itself. The 110 foot tall missile weighed 170 tons when it was fueled and ready to fly. It's empty and harmless now, but it still looks deadly, crouched on its launch pad.

The Titan Missile Museum is located in Green Valley, about 20 miles south of Tucson, Arizona. Take I-19 south to exit 69 and head west for about half a mile until you see the signs on the right. The Titan Missile Museum is generally open every day, year round.

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