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Marana Sky Diving Center - Skydiving Arizona - Tucson Skydive

The purpose of Skydiving is to have fun...period! Beautiful people fly in the Arizona desert. It's Marana Sky Diving Center, Sky diving allows you to be exactly in the moment, a meditation. Sky diving gives one of the greatest sense of life of all the things we've done.

Freeflyers dive headfirst at speeds that can reach 300 mph. It actually makes you appreciate your life and family a lot more. It's a through-the-looking-glass kind of thing. It's a different world, but once you're on the other side, it's normal for you.

This is where the beautiful people are. You can never guess a sky diver's age because they all look 10 years younger than they actually are. We're still kids in our minds. If that's how you think, maybe that's what you become.

Jumpers have lost many pounds since they started jumping, stating, "It's the closest thing to the fountain of youth that I've found." Before you substitute sky diving for the Atkins Diet, you should know that it's not without its dangers. But did we really need to tell you this?

The sport is not dangerous; some of the people in it are dangerous. 98 percent of fatalities result from pilot error after the chute successfully deploys. Most accidents occur during landing when inexperienced pilots make dangerous turns and take unnecessary risks. It used to be the equipment malfunctioned and killed us. Now, the equipment is so safe we're doing stupid stuff and killing ourselves. Sky diving is not dangerous, it's just unforgiving.

Tandem sky diving for first-timers. Jump from 13,000 feet while attached to a professional sky diver. Safest way to experience free fall. After 20,000 jumps, Skydive Arizona reports no serious accidents, injuries or deaths in its tandem jumping program.

You may make a tandem jump on our parachute made for two. No class is required. Our licensed and rated tandem pilots will assist you through both a 5000' freefall and 5000' parachute ride. Tandem parachuting is the easiest way to experience both the thrill of freefall and the tranquility of parachuting. Tandem provides a perfect introduction to our sport.

Pro photographers will capture the experience on video and film for an additional charge.

Marana Sky Diving Center is located a few minutes north of Tucson at 11700 West Avra Valley Road.

Contact at: 520-682-4441 or

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