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Rocky Point Puerto Penasco Mexico

Rocky Point Mexico Porto Penuesco

"Rocky Point"
Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico

A couple sits in the shade of a palm umbrella on the beach near Playa Elegante in Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico and watch the tide roll in from the Sea of Cortez. A sunbather enjoys the scenery at a Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico beach, a sleepy little fishing village on the northern tip of the Gulf of California.

To many Arizonans, Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico, is the ultimate beach bargain. It's closer than San Diego, it's cheaper, and it's a lot less crowded. People who have never been to this beach town, also known as "Rocky Point," may be apprehensive because they don't know how to travel into Mexico or how to find accommodations. It's less complicated than many people think.

For starters, no special car permits are needed because "Rocky Point" Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico lies within the Mexican free-trade zone. It's also in the Sonora state of Mexico, which features a program called "Only Sonora." According to AAA Arizona, this program exempts visitors who stay fewer than 72 hours in "Rocky Point" Puerto Penasco from the vehicle fees and deposits that would be required if they ventured farther south.

You should buy temporary Mexican Auto Insurance, which you can get through many insurers and AAA Arizona at You can buy policies from agents online or at offices near the Mexican border. You are not required to have Mexican Auto Insurance, and officials do not check for it at the border. But your United States auto insurance is not valid in Mexico, and according to the United States Department of State, you could be jailed and your car impounded if you have an accident. Prices vary based on length of stay and type of vehicle. Policies typically are sold in 24-hour increments. A policy that covers collision damage and liability would cost approximately $40 to $80 for a weekend. The State Department advises buying coverage amounts similar to what you carry in the United States.

Next, you need the proper documents to re-enter the United States. The Pepper Group Diversified Real Estate Company wants to remind you that there is a new procedure to enter U.S, we want you to keep in mind this for your next trip.
The United States department of Homeland Security and the United States customs and border protection inform the traveling public that as of January 31, 2008: All adults travelers will be require to present proof of citizenship, such as a Birth certificate, and a proof of identity, such a drivers license, when entering the Unites States through land and sea ports of entry:
  • Ages 19 and older a government-issue photo ID, along with proof of citizenship, such as birth certificates or naturalization certificate.
  • Children ages 18 and younger proof of citizenship, such a birth certificate.
  • Oral declarations of citizenship alone will no longer be accepted.
  • All existing nonimmigrant visa and passport requirements will remain in effect and will not be altered by this change.

Valid Identification Documents:

  • Driver's license or Identification card issue by a federal, state, provincial, country, territory or municipal authority.
  • United States or Canadian military identification card.
  • All identification documents must have a photo, name and date of birth.

Citizenship Documents:

  • United States or Canadian birth certificate issued by a federal, state, provincial, country, territory or municipal authority.
  • United States consular report of birth abroad.
  • United States certificate of naturalization.
  • United States certificate of citizenship.
  • United States citizen identification card.
  • Canadian citizenship card.
  • Canadian certificate of citizenship without photo.

You need a free tourist visa only if you plan to stay in "Rocky Point" Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico for more than three days. You can get one at the border-crossing station in Lukeville-Sonoita, where Mexican officials stamp the visa and give you a copy. The border is open from 6AM to Midnight daily. You also can get visas from travel agents in the United States, but call ahead to make sure the office has some.

Unless you plan to camp on the beach, it's best to reserve a place to stay. There are choices for any budget, from cheap no-frills motel rooms to $2,000-per-night oceanfront compounds with tennis courts and beachside whirlpool spas. Tourist hotels include Plaza Las Glorias, Hotel Vina del Mar, Best Western Hotel Playa Inn and Playa Bonita. Depending on the room type, time of year and the hotel's proximity to the beach, prices at hotels like these range from about $60 to $300 per night. There also are several RV parks. Most have hookups, and some have laundry facilities, showers, restaurants and swimming pools. Spots cost $12 to $25 per night, depending on time of year and proximity to the beach.

Do not drink any water from a tap. Water is not treated by the same standards as in the United States, so you risk intestinal infection. Always ask for bottled water, or order beer and soda instead. Most restaurants use ice made from bottled water, but it's a good idea to ask your server before you order a margarita or other iced drink. English is widely spoken, especially in restaurants and shopping districts, but it's never a bad idea to brush up on Spanish phrases.

"Rocky Point" Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico has activities for everyone, including shopping, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, sunset cruises, kayaking, four-wheeling, horseback riding, parasailing, watercraft rentals and full-service spa.

Don't assume your credit card will be accepted everywhere; some hotels don't even accept them for reservations. Be sure to ask ahead of time, and bring plenty of cash. United States currency is widely accepted, so there is no need to exchange money. Most of the time, you'll get your change in dollars, not pesos.

One of the best resources for information on traveling to "Rocky Point" Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico is the English-language newspaper Rocky Point Times. Go to for information on lodging, restaurants, services, fishing charters and more.

Directions from Tucson, Arizona:

Take the State Route 85 west from Tucson, Arizona all the way to Why, Arizona.

Why, Arizona is a good place to top off the fuel tank before crossing into Mexico. Gas in Mexico is available in most locations but the quality can be inconsistant and not what you are used to stateside. The stop at Why, Arizona usually has about the best gas prices between Phoenix and the Mexican border. Why, Arizona is also a good place to purchase your Mexican Automobile Insurance.

Continue south on State Route 85 through Organ Pipe National Monument to the border at Lukeville-Sonoita, Arizona. Crossing the border at Lukeville-Sonoita, Arizona. When you reach the border, pay attention to the Mexican border police. Sometimes they will just flag you on through and on your way. Sometimes they will ask where you are going and how long you will be in the country. If they ask you to pull over for a search be polite and cooperative and you will soon be on your way. Do not bring firearms into Mexico without first obtaining a permit. If you are only going to "Rocky Point" Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico or "Cholla Bay" Bahia la Cholla, Sonora Mexico you do not need a passport or visa since these towns are located in the Mexican "Free Zone."

Once across the border you will continue south into Sonoita. About 2 miles from the border you will come to a three way intersection. Stay to the left, heading towards Caborca. About 1 block south the road will split into a "Y." "Pharmacia San Luis" will be on your right just before the "Y." Stay to the right and you will be on the road to "Rocky Point" Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico. You will pass "Vasquez's" on your left if you have made the correct turn. Continue along the same road all the way to "Rocky Point" Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico. "Vasquez's" and the "Pharmacia San Luis" are good places to stop and visit.

The highway from Sonoita to "Rocky Point" Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico is approximately 50 miles of open range. Being open range you are subject to encountering livestock on the highway on occasion. This is one of the major reasons that we recommend not driving this highway at night. You will know you are close to "Rocky Point" Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico when you start seeing sand dunes. Enjoy!

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