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Tucson vs Phoenix

Where is the better place to live, Tucson or Phoenix?

There's nothing else like golf in the desert. If you've played only where the grass is lush, the trees are tall and the sand is all in the bunkers, you can't fathom the difference. Every golfer should feel the odd mix of fear and exhilaration you get looking from an elevated tee over a cactus-filled gully to that small patch of grass you have to hit -- or else.

Tucson, Arizona is one of the desert game's capitals. On the northern edge of the high Sonoran Desert, Tucson is laid-back, beautiful and off the beaten track, though just an hour and 15 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. What Phoenix and Scottsdale were to golf a quarter-century ago, Tucson is today. This is as good as it gets -- an experience every person should enjoy.

Phoenix-Scottsdale, now home to more than 3 million people, is sprawling fast. Tucson's population is about 950,000, and its growth has been gradual. There may be more top-level golf courses in Phoenix, but there are also more golfers competing for tee times. Climate and topography work in Tucson's favor as well: While the city is only 60 miles from the Mexican border, the temperature is usually about 10 degrees cooler than in the state capital. With a higher elevation than much of the rest of the State of Arizona, Tucson is cooler in the summer than Phoenix, while still enjoying temperatures above 70 in the winter.

Although a seemingly simple question; "Tucson or Phoenix," residents of both cities the legend of this perplexity lies amongst the best of the great two-sided debates.

"As an ex-Phoenician turned Tucsonan, I have grown a strong opinion on this matter backed by over four years of deep, open-minded contemplation," explains Miss Klien, as former resident of Phoenix.

Kids go to school, kids play video games, and kids like to run around in the park. While both cities cover the first three characteristics of children equally, each has something different to offer in terms of city parks. Tucson Parks are numerous, 127 in total. That's a big number for a relatively medium sized area.

Phoenix parks are much more spread out and crowded. The city boasts about 200 in a much larger area, and are more crowded and industrialized in comparison to Tucson's more secluded and shaded parks that are great for families and running/walking/biking.

"As a college student, I couldn't ask for a better place to learn. Since Tucson is not a metropolis area, its nice since we don't get lost in the crowd. We are supported by a town that embraces the campus students, and a campus that is deeply invested in the community," states a current University of Arizona grad student. "The result is a sense of belonging that comes with your education."

The Arizona State campus in Tempe, Arizona lies in the middle of fast-paced urban living, and the surrounding Phoenix area doesn't pay nearly enough attention. Not necessarily out of negligence, but because it is busy by character, with the hustle and bustle of metropolis.

The Tucson nightlife includes a main arts district (Fourth Avenue), a few choice places downtown, and a some scattered venues throughout the city. In fact, Tucson is small enough that it's nearly impossible not to run into an acquaintance while out-and-about on the weekends, and the three degrees of separation is the norm compared to the standard seven.

Both Tucson and Phoenix have a relatively low cost of living and an affordable housing market, despite rapid growth. Phoenix statistics vs Tucson statistics show that Tucson is known for it's many charter schools (some very highly ranked).

The warm weather of Arizona brings the retired and snowbirds from all around the country, and there are many general retirement communities in the area. Outside the gated "50+ only" housing developments, Tucson offers a slower-paced lifestyle and community orientated atmosphere -- not to mention a really slow average speed limit. Although, both cities have an equal distribution of old folks; percentage-wise, both cities have a median age of about 31.

And whether it be Tucson or Phoenix, you'll still be in Arizona. There are Christmas lights over the cactus, and you'll never have the need to save daylight like the 49 other states.

There are many many more reasons why Tucson is deep in the hearts of its residents. We have a visitor's guide with your name on it. Please contact The Pepper Group Diversified at: (520) 977-0003 or

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