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The Tucson Soaring Club - Tucson Glider Rides

The Tucson Soaring Club TuSC is a nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to providing safe, inexpensive soaring to its members and the community. TuSC presently has over 100 members. It is a chapter of the Soaring Society of America.

The Tucson Soaring Club was formed in 1967 and operated out of Ryan Field. There were 25 charter members. In 1983, the club moved to Marana Number 5 Auxiliary Field. This field was in operation during WWII. The members cleared the brush from the runways and built hangars. The field was named El Tiro Gliderport after the road which leads to the airport.

The TuSC has about a dozen instructors. Instruction is offered to club members in many areas from basic training, scratch to solo, to more advanced techniques such as cross-country and mountain wave soaring.

At the 2000 Soaring Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Tucson Soaring Club was presented with plaques commemorating the fact that the Tucson Soaring Club had the highest number of new members and second highest number of new youth members in the United States. A good ground school program is essential for the acquisition, training, and retention of new members. An outline of the TUSC ground school syllabus is provided to encourage other clubs to develop their own ground school and recruitment programs.

The club hosts local, state, and regional soaring contests. The winners of these contests go on to compete in national and world gliding championships. A typical goal in a contest is to complete a triangular course of about 250 miles in the least amount of time. Pilots are able to obtain average speeds of over 80 mph between pauses to circle in lift to regain lost altitude. Our members have flown courses exceeding 400 miles and one of our members holds the state altitude record of 32,000 feet. It is possible to stay up for 8 hours during the summer. The Southwest United States is considered to have some of the best soaring conditions in the world.

The Tucson Soaring Club's main attraction for the general public, is a peaceful afternoon glider ride, which costs a minimal fee. Club members pay monthly dues in lieu of glider rentals. A 3000 foot aero tow costs is available. To join the club you have to pay a returnable bond, an initiation fee, the first monthly dues, and a one year membership in the Soaring Society of America. The TuSC also offer a 3 flight introductory package. Ask for family, youth and student discounts. The complete operational expenses for gliders are at least one-tenth that of motorized plane programs. And they'll have you up and flying solo, in just a few months.

The Tucson Soaring Club is operating from El Tiro Gliderport, Marana, Arizona about 30 miles northwest of Tucson. You will find the glider port after exiting the I-10 at the Marana Exit 236, take Marana Road to Trico Road. Turn Left on Trico, go to El Tiro Road. Turn Right on El Tiro, go to end of the road. The green signs are posted at major intersections to help direct you for the 11 1/2 miles.

Just show up any Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday and The Tucson Soaring Club should be able to make it happen.

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