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Flandrau Science Center - The University of Arizona Planetarium

"Astronomy" is Tucson's middle name, and from our home here in "Optics Valley" The University of Arizona's Flandrau Science Center has their finger on the pulse of what's happening in the world (or should we say the universe) of astronomy. The new center incorporates four major themes - life, earth, technology and space.

Scientists are not the only ones who are curious about the workings of nature, we all are. The fact is, people of all ages are naturally curious about our universe and Flandrau is a good place to pursue our natural curiosities. At Flandrau Science Center it is our curiosity of the universe which drives development of hands-on exhibits, science demonstrations, and planetarium shows.

Rather than just astronomy and optics which were Flandrau's initial focus for exhibits and planetarium shows, now there is hands-on science exhibits dealing with electricity, motion, magnetism, gravity, light, sound, and other phenomena, invite the visitor to observe, experiment, analyze, and play.

By descending a picturesque staircase inside Flandrau, the University of Arizona Mineral Museum can be discovered. Any Gem Show visitor may be in for a treat. The museum displays rare and resplendent beauties from all over the gem and mineral world. As well as pondering over the rocks of this world, you can encounter ones from other worlds, as you walk inside a blazing meteor located just around the corner.

Flandrau's planetarium theater presents more than traditional programs on astronomy topics. These have included programs on Native American skylore, Ancient Egypt, Mezo America, illusions of sight and sound, laser-light shows, concerts, storytelling, and plays. The planetarium shows are multimedia programs featuring; video, motion pictures, slides, special effects, and of course, stars. Many shows are produced on site using Flandrau's extensive production facilities. Local experts from the university are often enlisted as advisors to assure the quality, diversity, and accuracy of program content.

Flandrau also offers nighttime viewing through its professional telescope. Here, the visitor is greeted by a knowledgeable telescope operator who will point the telescope toward the currently visible nighttime objects. Star clusters, nebulae, stars, planets, and the moon provide the visitor a sense of wonder as they transform from points of light to the naked eye, into spectacular images in the telescope's viewfinder. The telescope operators are also available to answer your astronomy questions.

The Flandrau Planetarium and Science Center, constructed in 1971, is made possible by a bequest of more than $1 million dollars from the estate of Grace H. Flandrau, the domed planetarium theater is surrounded by numerous exhibit halls. Flandrau is available to host special events and the theater produces shows and education programs that are open to the public. The Mineralogical Museum is housed in the Science Center.

Flandrau is located on the campus of the University of Arizona, on the corner of Cherry Avenue and University Blvd, at 1601 East University Blvd.

For more information: 520-621-STAR or

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