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Ted DeGrazia Gallery and Foundation - De Grazia Gallery in the Sun

One of the Southwest's foremost artists, Ted De Grazia designed and supervised construction of this adobe gallery, which exhibits many of his most famous works. De Grazia Gallery in the Sun, at 6300 North Swan Road, has been a favorite local landmark since the artist designed and supervised its construction in the 1960s. The rustic adobe buildings are a perfect backdrop for the display of the late Ted DeGrazia's paintings, sculpture and sketches. In addition to the main building, there's a smaller gallery which houses changing collections of paintings and photography by featured local artists.

A landmark in Tucson, De Grazia's Gallery in the Sun welcomes thousands of visitors each year. Unique adobe construction, beautiful decorative features, and original De Grazia art characterize the gallery that was designed by the artist and constructed under his supervision.

The gallery contains rooms exhibiting De Grazia originals including the Padre Kino, Cabeza de Vaca, Papago Legends, Yaqui Easter, Bull Fight, and Retrospective collections. Elsewhere in the gallery are found a movie room, original bronzes, ceramics, enamels, and a shop where De Grazia reproductions in the form of prints, books, cards and other items may be purchased.

De Grazia's art, the gallery's architecture, and the beautiful southwest desert setting all combine to give visitors a treasured experience.

The Gallery in the Sun contains the largest and most complete collection of De Grazia art in existence. The size of this collection prevents it from being exhibited in its entirety. Therefore, the museum has developed a policy whereby certain rooms have been set aside for permanent exhibits, while other areas are dedicated to rotating exhibits.

Permanent exhibits of many of De Grazia's favorite paintings are elements of theme collections. The subjects for these collections vary from Spanish exploration of the Southwest, to Indian lore, legends, and celebrations, to documentaries on bull fighting and the rodeo. These special collections, plus a retrospective exhibit, make up the museum's permanent exhibits.

In an attempt to exhibit all of the originals in its collections, the museum has embarked upon a program to rotate the various forms of De Grazia's art throughout the gallery. This allows visitors not only to enjoy original oils and watercolors, but to view bronzes, enamels, ceramics, stone lithographs, serigraphs, and jewelry created by the artist as well.

In 1983, the De Grazia Foundation reopened the Little Gallery for visiting artists. The exhibits rotate every two (2) weeks, starting in the Fall through early Spring. This charming exhibit space supports the cultural arts as well as providing visitors the opportunity to meet with the artists.

The Gallery in the Sun is operated by the De Grazia Foundation. The artist Ted De Grazia created the Foundation as a means of insuring the continued operation of his beloved gallery, and providing a museum setting for the permanent exhibition of his work and collections. It is frequently said that De Grazia was an artist "of the people," feeling particular attachment to those who loved his art. Through the De Grazia Foundation, the Gallery in the Sun will continue to exhibit the artist's work, his gift to the people, for generations to come.

Ted DeGrazia was a beloved Tucson artist famous for his paintings of Native American children. He was also a prolific builder. At his property in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains, he built a gallery to display his work, a home to live in and this chapel. In 1953 with the help of his Native American friends DeGrazia built an adobe-brick chapel that he called "open to the heavens" which features an open air skylight running the length of the building. Although it is dedicated to The Virgin of Guadelupe, it is non-denominal. This artistic tiny chapel is available for weddings and other events. Open 24 hours a day. It is located at 6300 North Swan Road.

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