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Biosphere 2 Center

Columbia University's Biosphere 2 Center expands accessibility inside its $150 million world-renowned living laboratory with the "World of Discovery" Under the Glass tour, the Center's most comprehensive tour to date.

With over 180,000 visitors a year, Columbia University's Biosphere 2 Center B2C in Arizona has made a formidable commitment to the public. From guided tours, to the public astronomy program, visitors may participate in a number of educational events at this extraordinary research facility.

Enter the controlled mini-world of Biosphere 2. For the first time since the structure was built more than a decade ago, visitors can explore inside the 3.15 acre Laboratory on a fully guided tour. This tour utilizes a new trail traversing most of Biosphere 2's wilderness ecosystems that allows easier access to the public as well as for the scientists and researchers conducting experiments, and students, who use the Laboratory for project studies.

The Biosphere 2 Center was acquired by Columbia University as a research facility for examining how Earth's biosphere will change as carbon dioxide and other substances build in the atmosphere. The facility houses seven wilderness ecosystems, including a rainforest and a 3,400,000 liter (900,000 gallon) ocean, as well as a human habitat which now houses interactive exhibits.

Because of Biosphere 2's ability to sense and control the environment within, it is an ideal location to carry out experiments with plants. The 750 sensors monitor the vital statistics of this living laboratory - the sensors measure temperature, light, humidity, carbon dioxide and other qualities of the air and soil. In response to these readings, operators can, for example, turn on blowers for cooling and heating or create a miniature rainstorm to change the humidity.

Biosphere 2 Center, nestled in the high Sonoran desert at the foot of the Santa Catalina Mountains, enjoys one of the most breathtaking natural settings in all of Arizona. This unique research and education center is located in Oracle, just 30 minutes from Tucson.

The Hotel and Conference Center at Biosphere 2 can accommodate a wide variety of meetings and conference needs. The hotel features 27 spacious suites, each with dramatic mountain and canyon views. Suites are equipped with coffee makers, refrigerators and are stocked with beverages. The conference center has meeting facilities that include a 110-seat theater and a 70-person conference room. Small group breakout rooms and classrooms are also available.

The Biosphere 2 Center's beautiful natural setting can make any outdoor event an unforgettable experience with the dramatic Santa Catalina Mountains and the Canada del Oro as the backdrop, while enjoying a meal at the tucson favorite Canada Del Oro Restaurant. Evening events can take advantage of a fully illuminated Biosphere 2 Laboratory as the setting. This one-of-a-kind glass and steel research facility takes on a special majesty after the sun sets.

The Biosphere Center is located on 32540 South Biosphere Road.

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