Construction Progress at Saguaro Hills Estates

It has been quite an interesting six months to watch a piece of raw ground turned into a high quality subdivision. Our goal has been to create a subdivision that disturbs the desert as little as possible and develop parcels that will allow folks to live as a part of the land and a part of nature. Following are a number of pictures we've taken as construction has gone on. We've tried arranging them in the order things have occurred. The first two months were spent surveying the roads and lots. Then contractors staked the lots and strung a wire that sets the limits of disturbance, which keeps the equipment from disturbing any more land than necessary. Next the roads were all brought to grade. They were smooth and it has been easy to drive folks around to see the lots. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures showing how wonderful things were. As soon as the grading was finished the workmen started tearing the roads up making a mess of things. The first thing completed was the sewers, which in several places had to be done 20' deep. Following are pictures of the sewer project:


Ditch for sewer with moveable guide to keep
trench sides from caving in.

This is a wide trench that went through rock
and will eventually have all utilities in it with
proper spacing. You are seeing crushed rock
that has been used to partially fill the ditch.



Sewer manhole -
There is one
wherever the
sewer changes




This is a track hoe with a jack hammer attachment
used to break through rock.


This is a special bucket used
to tear through rock.











This is a compactor attachment used to compact
fill after the sewer pipe is installed.



Here's the track
hoe and rock
crusher in




This is a portable rock crusher that was used
to make usable fill material.

After the sewer was installed construction was
started on these large concrete structures which
are called "boxes" or culverts that let the road
cross the washes:




Forming and re-bar used in
bed or foundation.





Re-bar and walls being
formed and poured.




Finished walls.




Crane used to
pour concrete.



Start of
for deck.



Forming and deck
poured on box.




Shows end wall and wing wall done with
dyed concrete so it will match and blend
with the natural earth colors.



While the boxes are being done the water mains and fire hydrants are being installed:

Water line trench and pipe is covered
with sand before back filling.





Valve and "T"
for fire hydrant.


Stack of fire hydrants.





Installed fire hydrant
(the dogs are getting excited).
There is a valve at the base of the white pipe.


Currently the contractors are digging ditches along all the roads. The ditches remain open for the next several weeks while the electric, gas, phone, and cable TV are installed. When one utility is put in it gets covered, then another one is installed and covered, etc. Then the ditch is covered completely with gas being the last utility installed. Water and sewer lines each get individual ditches. (Pictures will follow when they are available.)


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